My Green Origin Announces New Product: Lavender Essential Oil
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Thursday, 30 January 2014 08:57

January 30, 2014 - Miami Lakes, FL -- My Green Origin is pleased to announce that they have developed a brand new product called Lavender Population Essential Oil. This Lavender Essential Oil is the latest in their range of natural aromatherapy products and is believed to become a great success. As people become more aware of and interested in the benefits of natural products, preliminary figures do indeed show that My Green Origin's newest development is going to be a big hit.

"We want to make sure that all products we provide are completely natural and feed the demands our customers have. Lavender Population Essential Oil is the latest in our line of products and we believe it is our best one yet", says Paul Franklin, spokesperson for My Green Origin.

It is true that customer reports demonstrate that people are becoming more and more interested in products that harness the many benefits that Mother Earth has to provide. Consumers no longer want chemically designed scents in their homes, but prefer to use natural diffusers and burners in order to help their homes smell nice. Besides this, people are becoming increasingly interested not just in the fact that something smells nice, but also in the fact that aromatherapy has various health benefits, something that is particularly well known about lavender.

"Lavender is a calming scent, that soothes and calms both the body and mind", explains Suzanne Jackson, aromatherapy specialist. "Besides this, it is able to fight dandruff if applied to the scalp, helps to reduce the feelings of bloating, calms itchy skin and generally makes meals healthier."

Being an essential oil, Lavender Population Essential Oil should not be applied directly to the scalp or skin, but rather it should be watered down. Furthermore, it should also not be directly consumed. If customers do wish to reduce bloating or make their meals healthier, they should add dried or fresh lavender to their meals. Although My Green Origin's latest product is mainly designed to help people's homes smell nicer, it certainly is also able to provide all the other health benefits. The oil is completely natural, extracted via steam distillation from Lavender Population, which is grown and farmed for purpose in France. It also blends very well with a range of other oils, to provide even further aromatherapy benefits. Some of these oils include bergamot and ylang ylang.

Also, their website showcases customer reviews, which provide great information about people's experiences with the oil itself, and is a true testament to the quality of the product as a whole.



About My Green Origin 

My Green Origin is a holistic lifestyle brand that creates the most natural lavender essential oils available on the market today. They seek to help all of their customers find harmony and happiness in their bodies, minds, and spirits, through the undeniably power of pure Lavender Essential Oil

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