Kind Attention: Obama's Brain Initiative Leaders; Your Responsibility is to Make Sure You Research and Implement All the Factors Involved in Creating Super Healthy Brains - Both Physical and Emotional
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Monday, 20 January 2014 06:57

~~-- The biggest brain sickness that the Obama Brain Initiative must tackle is the emotionally challenged brains of the majority of mankind. The knowledge to create emotionally super healthy brains on a mass scale is already available. We can start today. --

All the physical brain diseases combined, effect under 15% of the population while emotional diseases affect about 80% of the population. Since time immemorial society and history has been shaped by emotionally challenged brains. Even today with all the progress in the mind sciences; society is plagued with crime, depression, corruption, divorce, drug addictions, sleeplessness, restlessness, unhappiness, greed, jealousy, anger, frustration, fights, wars, rape, murder, parental abuse; in fact almost all man made ills of society are due to emotionally challenged brains. It no longer needs to be this way.

 It is like there are a two fires burning. One covers 15% of the area and the other 80% of the area. The 15% fire is complex and the ways to put it out are mostly a mystery. The 80% fire is also confusing and fuzzy; but only because we have not understood all the know-how that is already available. While the 15% fire is quite a lot unchartered territory; our experts are fuzzy about the knowledge of putting out the 80% fire even though the knowledge is right under our noses.

 It is becoming clear that the Obama Brain Initiative Leaders have decided to concentrate on the 15% problem and the 80% curable problem it seems will remain on the back burner. Both problems must be solved, while the 15% problem will need billions, perhaps trillions of dollars; the 80% problem can be solved with less than 1% of this cost and will show immediate results. While the emotional benefits will be priceless; the financial benefits will be in the trillions; as crime alone costs over a trillion dollars a year.

 Since the announcement of this initiative over six months have passed. The program details are still being explored. On Obama's brain initiative the emphasis is too much on speculative research that will have iffy benefits and not enough on what is achievable and essential. On top of the agenda must be the decision to take immediate action on the knowledge available on how to create emotionally super healthy brains. Society is in the grip of emotionally challenged behavior only because of our misunderstanding brain education.

 We at the 4th R Foundation have researched wisdom for the last 40 years and have posted over 1600 articles on it. We have covered all aspects of wisdom related issues. We have found, as have a few others; that wisdom is super mature emotional intelligence. Super mature emotional intelligence is projected by an emotionally super healthy brain. It is clear that wisdom education is creating super healthy brains. Wisdom education is brain therapy that takes subnormal and even normal brains and heals them into becoming emotionally super healthy brains. Please google, 'braintecness', to review our version of brain therapy.

 So what is required is a massive program for developing effective brain education. We already have therapies that heal the sub-normal into normal; we can focus specifically on developing programs/therapies to rid the brain of the emotional baggage.

 The Obama Brain Initiative Leaders Must Wake up to the Biggest Disaster Concerning the Human Brain. We Continue to Produce Emotionally Challenged Brains. Above and Beyond All the Brain Related Mysteries That Need to be Researched/Solved; the Most Critically Essential is How to Make Each and Every Brain Super-Mature/Wise/Emotionally-Healthy! As the Knowledge of Making Super Healthy Brains is Available; Immediate Action Must be Taken. We at the 4th R Foundation Are Ready to Share Our Insights and Developed Programs.

 Please google, 'wisdom einpresswre' and '4th r foundation'.

The 4th R Foundation is a non-profit education research foundation that researches informal/emotional intelligence education, human nature, brain, mind, conscientiousness, self, wisdom, life coaching, adult reeducation, shyness, self image, emotional baggage, education for life, art of living and brain education etc.

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