News Release? Press Release? Media Release? Media Alert?

There is a difference between News Releases, Press Release, Media Releases and Media Alert. Each of these types of documents are used for a different purpose and achieve different results when communicating with the media or the general public.


News Releases: A news release is a document that is used to not only deliver news to journalists but also to the general public. A news release is usually used "as is" and posted directly to the internet on various news sites. There is no need to re-write a news release because it is ready to print.

Press Releases: The main purpose of a press release is to reach the media (Journalists) with new or an announcement. Just like news releases, press releases are often posted online. However, the main purpose of a press release is to issue news to a journalist.

Media Release: Unlike news releases and press releases, a media release is usually hidden from the public and never posted online. A media release is only intended to release information to the media (journalists).

Media Alert: A media alert follows a unique format that features the sub-headlines of "what, when, where, how and why". A media alert is used to announce an event. Common events that a media alert is used to announce include press conferences, protests, rallies, entertainment events, grand openings.


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