Tech movers and shakers look to CMP Techweb for hottest news; CMP Techweb looks to PRBuzz

Investors, executives, and innovators alike look to information outlets such as CMP Techweb’s network of industry publications, including the well-known “Information Week” series, the TechWeb Network, ChannelWeb, CRN, EE Times, and TechOnline. And in order to ensure that they receive the latest state-of-the-industry news, CMP Techweb relies upon news release sources such as PRBuzz for a steady stream of news releases describing the latest technology and practices – as well as business trends – affecting tech industries. As a subsidiary of United Business Media, a global news distribution and specialist information service, CMP Techweb produces important industry events such as Interop, Web 2.0 Expo, XChange, Game Developers Conference, and the Embedded Systems Conferences. If it is making waves in the tech world, it’s a pretty sure bet that CMP Techweb has it covered.

An information distribution operation as well-respected and diversified as CMP Techweb has to be certain that their news release sources are better than timely in their reporting, and that the information they distribute via their traditional and online news releases is clear, accurate, and pertinent to their audience. Choosing as a trusted source of industry information and trends is really a no-brainer

PRBuzz’ news release distribution service provides CMP Techweb with the kind of information that the tech industry demands, while simultaneously ensuring that its news release clients are provided with an efficient and timely pipeline by which to get their information to industry movers and shakers. PRBuzz is able to provide this win-win service by combining their extensive knowledge of the communication process with their well-established relationship with the right people in all the major media outlets.

PRBuzz news release service:
– Provides placement of online news releases in top Internet search engines, topic-specific news sites, blogs, social networks, newspaper sites, and TV and radio news sites
– Distributes news releases among a global database containing more than 243,000 media contacts and 112,000 bloggers
– Increases clients’ website traffic
– Optimizes Search Engine placement for client websites by creating valuable back links
– Maintains all news releases in an active status for a minimum of three years
– Provides clients with real-time tracking capability of all their online news releases
– Offers the capability for graphics enhancement of each news release with up to 10 client-provided photos or graphics
– Allows up to 5 regular hyperlinks or text links in each online news release (many news release distribution services do not allow back links)
– Does not insert other companies’ ads into clients’ online news releases, as do many news release services
– Distributes news releases within two business days
– Allows up to 1,000 words in each news release to ensure that sufficient information is included

As fast as things are moving in the tech world, tech companies have to move faster just to avoid being left behind. They have come to rely upon the cutting edge information they get from news outlets like CMP Techweb. And CMP Techweb knows that it is only as good as its news sources. That is why the best news outlets, like CMP Techweb, rely so heavily upon online news release services like PRBuzz. The people on the other end of the equation – those who are making all of that exciting, industry-shaking news – rely upon CMP TechWeb and PRBuzz for the same reasons. PRBuzz helps CMP Techweb in its mission to inform markets and bring the world’s buyers and sellers together at events, online, and in print, providing them with the information they need to do business successfully.

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